How to master your mind ?

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Is mind your master or you are the master of your mind?

We sometimes sitting amid with our whole family, realize we are not mentally present in the room rather physically. We all ever in our childhood were scolded by that favorite teacher of ours, for not being attentive in the class and day-dreaming. And as we are growing up we are into this more . And sometimes they are so disturbing that they start affecting our mental health . Read about importance of mental health here .

But have you ever thought why our mind takes us to wherever it is wandering, whether lost in the darkness of the blizzard amidst the scorching summer, or to the top of a mountain, deep in the ocean without any oxygen tank. To all the scenarios, we think that our mind is taking us with it to explore the whole world and imagine the way it feels. But….our mind is like that computer machine which doesn’t have any default programs, operates only on our command. Whatever the input we give, it processes and gives the necessary output .

mastering mind

So, here the question arises that do we master our mind or our mind master us?

Our mind only follows our instruction and is the clear reflection of what we think. We are the one who rule over our thoughts but thoughts are just like the electrons flowing in an electric wire, millions and millions in just an inch of space.

What is the way to control our thoughts and master our mind in a focused direction?

- Think about what you desire and want to achieve.
- Portray falsely a hundred times till it become real.
- Command your mind to think only in that particular aspect and how it is to be done?? The only way is to stop thinking! Stop thinking what you are thinking right now and just imagine those things which you want to achieve.
It can either be sitting on a couch sipping coffee with no worries of the passing time, or it can be an adventurous trip to the mountains of Everest, or just the lavish lifestyle you have always dreamt of, it is all about you!

mastering mind

What I do to master my mind, to combat my thoughts is making myself busy with the things I like to do with my whole heart and just engulf myself into its procedures.
Thus, we need to master our mind else it will start to show its mastery!!

A way to calm your mind and soothe your soul – DOODLING!
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