Planet with 4 seasons in 36 hours

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Yes you read it right, a planet with 4 seasons in 36 hours. In our solarsystem we got a planet where season changes four times just in 36 hours, which means one season for 9 hours and then new season.
Wow Imagine this on earth, how life would have been if earth has witnessed four season in 36 hours. We would have needed to carry summer and winter clothes with us always.

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That's really interesting and seems unreal. Lets check the reason and know this bizarre planet.

About Planet With Four Seasons

So lets reveal this, this planet is named KELT-9b, one of the most rarest planet detected by NASA's planet hunting satellite TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite).

This KELT-9b, in every 36 hours experience two summers and two winters. We will understand why KELT-9b experiences such changes, but first let's see how other planets behave toward weather change.It receives 44,000 times more energy from its star than Earth does from the Sun.

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Credit: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center

Every planet in the solar system experiences season changes, only the length of season and reason for change in season varies.

If we consider Earth, then Earth's axial tilt(about 23.4 degrees) plays a big role in season change.
Different area of Earth point towards or away from sun at different times of the year.

Considering other planets,
Venus has 55-58 days season, on Earth one season last for about 90 days, on Mars its 7 month, on Mercury there is no fixed length, we can't tell when a season starts and ends on Mercury.
On Jupiter a season lasts for 3 years, on Saturn its 7 years, on Uranus its about 20 years and on Neptune its more than 40 years.

So we saw on every planet the time of a season change vary a lot.

We will discuss the reasons behind KELT-9b season changes but let first know about KELT-9b planet.

About KELT-9b

It is the hottest planet ever discovered. As of January 2020, KELT-9b is one of the hottest exoplanets, it is discovered in 2016. The orbital period is 36 hours. KELT-9b is a gas giant, it is composed mainly of gas and is 2.8 times more massive than Jupiter.
The heat on KELT-9b is so intense that the planet puffs like a ballon but is not that dense.
Because of its very high temperature molecules such as water, carbondioxide and methane cannot form there.

Reasons for KELT-9b Season Changes

The main reason is its host star, which is also weird like KELT-9b. Its host star spins 38 times faster than sun to complete a rotation. Due to fast spinning it is flatter at the poles and thicker around the circumference which affects its temperature. The host star is hotter at the poles and cooler at the equator. So when it passes over the star's poles it experiences summer and when it passes over the equator of its star it experiences winter


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